Monday, August 19, 2013
Microsoft cuts QR codes, nobody cares

As someone who once fiddled with Microsoft Tag a bit, I just got a shutdown notice from Microsoft. They are removing support for their version of the QR code on... Wait for it... August 19th, 2015.

Let's take two learnings from this.

1. The QR code isn't catching on, and tech like NFC is taking over.
2. Microsoft is more generous than Google with its notice of closure.

In fairness, drinks bottles, shop windows and bus stop adverts don't use the Microsoft standard. They all use the less colourful, classic open standard QR code. Which is a shame because the Microsoft Tag interface and reporting was brilliant, plus it was able to generate standard QR codes and NFC triggers.

Despite the fact they're popping up everywhere, I'd love to see usage numbers of QR codes. Anyone know if they're actually ever snapped?