Monday, September 23, 2013
Hack the new iPhone's fingerprint scanner in this simple 142-step process

The press is on fire with the news that the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S has been hacked.

All you need to do, as TechRader reports:

... the first step is photographing the enrolled users fingerprint in 2,400 dpi resolution. The image then needs to inverted and laser printed on to a transparent sheet in 1,200 dpi resolution and thick toner setting... Latex milk or white wood-glue can be used to create a mould by spreading it onto the transparent sheet and letting it dry. Then you breathe on the mould for moisture and place it on the sensor to unlock the phone.

As with most security technology, it's more about the time it takes to break rather than the fact that it's unbreakable at all. Even the longest, most diabolically brilliant passwords can be guessed eventually. It's just whether the criminal can be bothered.

When I get my iPhone 5S, I'm not going to worry. Even if they did get in, all they'd find is photo after photo of my dinner anyway.

Are you worried? Would this stop you buying a new iPhone?