Saturday, May 24, 2014
Why brands are boring.

I spoke at the Holmes Report's In2 Summit in London this week.

If you weren't there, my presentation followed this train of thought:
  1. People are interesting. Look, here are some people.
  2. Brands are boring because they’re just a logo, word, shape, or building. You can’t have conversations with them. Look, here are some brands.
  3. Brand tone is more interesting. It's actually a company's most important asset.
  4. New brands that a nailing their tone are: The Dolphin Pub in Hackney, James Blunt, Waterstones Oxford St, NASA, and Fiat.
  5. We should all adopt a bit of humour and remember that our brands are boring and we’re speaking to people, who are interesting.
Basically it just gave me an excuse to read out loads of swear words and show pictures of cats and naked people.

I also discussed the ideas from my presentation on a hangout with Nuko's social media manager Simon Vincent.