Sunday, September 06, 2015
How to make a 16Gb iPhone work just fine (and never run out of space)

Leaked specs suggest Apple won't be killing off the 16Gb iPhone in favour of handsets with more memory.

But do you really need to walk around with an iPhone that can hold 1,747 episodes of Family Guy?

As someone that gets a warm feeling of smugness from making a cheaper, lower memory handset work well - without hitting the memory limit - here are some useful tips for staying well within 16Gb. Don't say I never give you anything.

Let's start with the obvious ones...

Sync your phone and download your photos to a computer. Someone I know just synced their iPhone 4S FOR THE FIRST TIME. There were precious photos on the phone of their new baby. That baby started school this week.

Cut down on the music. I keep a few albums downloaded, just in case I'm caught without internet connectivity and can't stream music. Otherwise, there is no need to have all those albums on your phone. Always use lower-quality downloads unless you're rocking a pair of headphones worth a grand or more (which, admit it, you're not).

Delete apps you don't use. I had seven different apps to improve my selfies. Everyone knows the only one you need is Facetune.

Watch your game. Despite the fact you're playing on a tiny screen, lots of iPhone games ported from console titles are MASSIVE files. Play something made for iPhone instead, like Lucky Joe. It'll be just as fun in a filesize 100 times smaller than most console games.

OK, now some slightly more technical tricks...

Update your OS. Apparently, iOS 9 is going to be around the quarter of the size of iOS 8. That should create 2Gb-3Gb of space for you to use for other stuff.

Don't sync all your mail. I've changed my mail settings to only keep a day of email on my phone. I get a lot of email, so this saved tons of space. You might be able to get away with syncing a week's worth if you're not me. Either way, it'll search online should you really need to find something.

Check your usage. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage. That'll show you the apps using the most space and give you the urge to do something about it.

Go on Safari. Once in the Manage Storage screen, click on Safari. Have a look at the offline reading list data soaking up all those precious Mbs. You probably don't need that data, so swipe to delete.

And for the iPhone ninjas...

Don't double save photos. Instagram and the HDR mode on the camera are two reasons your phone saves multiple copies of the same picture. Read this article for the ways to turn those off.

Watch for greedy apps getting bloated. Sometimes apps just grow in size the longer they sit on your phone. Facebook, for example, took up 500Mb until I deleted and reinstalled it. It's now around 100Mb. I'd be weirded out and irritated had I not just gained 400Mb.

You're welcome.