Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Top ten awkward product demo tips from John Chen @ BlackBerry


So, what did we learn?
  1. Make sure the product works.
  2. Know how to work the product.
  3. Set up demo accounts to show off the unit.
  4. Don't say "sorry, this is demo unit" when it doesn't work because nothing is set up.
  5. Do what the reporter asks, rather than what you want and say you'll do their thing later.
  6. Don't say "it runs Google". You mean 'Android'.
  7. Know your product messages.
  8. "It has literally the latest specs and the cameras and all that good stuff" isn't a product message.
  9. There might be a message somewhere in: "When you're looking at when just your finger would be like be a mouse when you're looking at like web doing web surfing or reading text you know big text or reading big email you can move it around" but you need to hone it a bit.
  10. Don't slate Twitter for being "habit forming" and "crazy" when it'll probably be one of the biggest reasons people use your product.