Monday, November 30, 2015
Lava Mae provides SF homeless with dignity, one shower at a time

Every so often a great idea comes along and you have to share it.

This month, Lava Mae added a new stop to its mobile shower network in my neighborhood.

The charity, founded by Doniece Sandoval, uses old city public transport buses and turns them into mobile shower and toilet facilities for San Francisco's homeless population.

As this SF Chronicle backgrounder says:

Sandoval, a former public relations executive who lives in the Western Addition, had the idea for Lava Mae after seeing a filthy homeless woman crying and saying she would never be clean. The first bus rolled out in the summer of 2014, shortly before a public outcry about the city’s worsening homeless problem and its incredibly dirty streets.  
“There isn’t a person in this city — whether a resident or tourist — who isn’t aware of this crisis,” said Sandoval, who added she regularly gets donations from tourists who’ve been alarmed on their visits. “They say how appalled they are and how the city is failing its people.”

Check out what they're up to and support if you can.