Friday, January 29, 2016
Bill Gates sold out to the Chinese so you urgently need to look at this picture

Corbis, the giant stock photo library owned by Bill Gates, just sold its licensing arm to a Chinese company.

This has created a wonderful nexus for the headline writers, who have been having fun with a perfect celeb + communism = clicks scenario.

But are things really as bad as the stories make out? Will we never see some of the most important photographs in history, just because a Chinese company owns them?

"The sale of politically sensitive pictures to a Chinese company raises the question of whether they will become harder to access," said one article, ironically accompanied by the 'tank man' picture from the Tiananmen Square protest that is now owned by Visual China Group.

Maybe, by official means. But that picture is in the wild, proliferated across a million internet servers and sites, and nothing is going to stop people sharing it.

Like I just did.